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Everyone can use more creativity in their lives. Whatever you do, being able to generate a lot of ideas about it will help you do it better.

Leisure education helps people create the conditions for nurturing creativity in their lives and in their work. People are at their most creative when they are in a "flow state." When was the last time you became completely engaged in something?

The "flow state" that occurs when you are thoroughly absorbed in a meaningful task that challenges your abilities is one of the most satisfying-and happiest-experiences people can have. Your sense of time expands-so you feel like you have increased time for leisure. You may experience the freedom of experiencing something as if for the first time.

Igniting Creativity Through Leisure

Creativity is heightened and that enhanced creativity spills over to other aspects of life. Solutions arise to address what may have looked like insurmountable barriers-to both leisure life and other aspects of life. Creative experience gives us more energy to handle what life throws at us, and connects us with our authentic selves. We may be more generous in relationships, and more confident in our ability to make decisions.

The Leisure Link can help clients find their way to a leisure life that ignites and maintains this kind of creativity. A balanced mix of leisure activities can dramatically increase the time spent in the flow state, with its positive impact on creativity. Carefully chosen activities can widen horizons, heighten the senses or encourage interpersonal sensitivity. Satisfying leisure can reduce the habit of buying things just to "do something." Changing perceptions create a ground for new patterns of thought, further supporting creative endeavors of all kinds.

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