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Finding a healthy work /life balance and maintaining that balance can be a tremendous challenge. It's a challenge well worth meeting.

While there are a few happy workaholics, most people need time away from work in order to meet all of their needs. They may have talents that do not get expressed on the job, partners or families they want to spend time with, projects to complete and values they want to support. They also need to unwind, relax, refresh and revitalize themselves.

Leisure coaching, education and training as provided by the Leisure Link helps people to attain and then maintain a well-balanced life, in which work and the rest of life each play important roles. A leisure-positive lifestyle:


  • Increases physical and psychological well-being. It reduces stress and increases wellness, and enhances people's sense of independence.
  • Perceived freedom in leisure has been shown to help people resist stress-induced illness.
  • Impacts professional performance, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Supports personal development by clarifying values, increasing social interaction and breaking down barriers

When people live a balanced life, they provide an important benefit to their communities as well, simply by demonstrating that such a life is possible and valuable.

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