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Just as satisfying leisure time can make individuals more balanced and creative, it can contribute to building healthy communities for them to live in.

Each individual who makes a positive change in their life influences many others-friends, family, co-workers and others with whom they associate. The impact of education for leisure therefore spreads throughout communities by a multiplier effect. It can give more people the opportunity to feel most free, while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

The Leisure Link puts significant emphasis on values exploration and the impact of leisure activities on the social and physical environment when working with clients. Benefits of this approach include:
  • Increasing safety and social capital by reducing leisure choices that are harmful to individuals themselves and to those around them
  • Strengthening social networks by connecting people through constructive leisure activities
  • Greater participation in advocacy and volunteerism targeted to social justice and environmental sustainability
  • More emphasis on benign leisure activities (e.g. less shopping, more eco-tourism)

Consulting on leisure facilities and environments can also contribute to a physical environment tat supports people in their leisure explorations and activities.

Learn how services from The Leisure Link can help people spend more fulfilling leisure time.